Cochise Stronghold Days – Winter Journey – February 2018

Thursday February 22: Today is “stink repair” day, which includes drying out every damp corner, removing any affected window moulding, and cleaning the fridge. Many things got damp during these last rainy days.

Then Rollie, Ninja, and I go for a hike, finding a place to sit in the sun out of the wind.

Hike in the Dragoon Mountains
Great rocky mountainside
Rolllie and Ninja sit in the sun out of the wind

Back at camp, I do some editing, write in the journal, and send a few texts before going over to Rollie’s camper to play music. I play guitar to his mandolin until my fingers get tired, then switch to viola and he plays guitar.

Little viola

Chicken dinner at our place. Both campers are small, but it is fun to do stuff together.

Friday February 23:  The mountainside is golden in the first rays of the sun. Great blue sky, calm but chilly this morning.

Golden mountainside at first light

I go for a hike up the mountain by myself, as it is a bit too chilly for Rollie and Clifford is focused on his ham radio.

Rocky hike
Century plant and great blue sky

Today is errand day, but we also do some exploring with Rollie, going to nearby Pearce, almost a ghost town. It was an active gold mining town founded in 1895. It grew to a population of 2,000, but several disasters including a cave-in, flooding, and faulty wiring caused havoc, resulting in the mine being closed in 1942, although the town was largely abandoned before then.

Soto Bros & Renaud – Farm implement store (as far as I can tell from researching it); now renovated with plans to open as a museum
Pearce Store – now an antique/2nd hand store
Old Pearce Post Office – 1895 until the 1960’s
Outside what was perhaps assay office

We also go to the cemetery, a bit neglected, but a part of the history of this once lively place. We wander around looking at headstones, noting how many children died. It was a harsh life, especially for women and children.

Pearce Cemetery

Clifford and I go on to Sunizona for propane and the laundromat. Browsing the thrift store right next door to the laundromat is a fun way to spend the time while clothes wash and dry. We both get a few things here, including a cribbage board. Back at camp, we put stuff away and have a late dinner. No music today, but all-in-all, it was a productive day.

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  1. That wonderful little shop with the goat milk/essential oil soaps and lotions that I mentioned in a previous blog is here in Pearce. If you go to Pearce, be sure to go to Marcia’s Garden and check out her products. Also, a potter has a shop here – so it is not completely a ghost town. The museum wasn’t open when we were there, but looks like it is close. The first time we were there, they were just beginning the exterior renovation, so lots of progress has been made.

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