Spring Journey – Snow at Divide Bridge – May 2017 (13)

Saturday May 13th – It is 33 degrees and snowing when I wake up and I am excited to go take photos immediately!

Snow on the hillside
and on the shrubs around the campground

After breakfast, I work on various indoor activities while Clifford continues with his studies.

After tea and journal writing, I go out for a longer walkabout taking more photos of the newly fallen snow – not a lot of it, but enough to make the landscape pretty.

Later, I go for a run/walk down to the day use area and back. Back at camp, since it has stopped snowing and sleeting, I decide to build a campfire and enjoy a bit more time outdoors.

Our campsite at Divide Bridge Campground
Not much snow left along the river; but colors are rich and dark with the dampness

Although there is not a lot of snow left along the river and in the campsite, snow remains on the hillsides.

Snow remains on the hillside

I have enjoyed the fresh crisp air all day and it is with some reluctance that I finally go inside to begin the evening routine.

A last look at the close of day

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