Molino Basin Days – Winter Journey – March 2018

Monday March 12: Today is mostly a mundane town (Tucson) day.

The Santa Catalina Highway makes its winding way through a saguaro forest between Molino Basin and Tucson

Clifford, Rollie, Ninja, and I go to SW Strings again and I try other violas; Rollie buys a nice guitar case. We go to La Mesa RV to look at trailers and motor homes. The service is bad, but we do see a trailer that would suit our needs for space for Clifford’s research. At Camping World, the service is great, but none of the trailers in our size range have a floor plan that will work. We are not really in a buying mode, but it is fun to look. Brief calls and texts are made while we are still in town with cell service.

Back at camp, after we unload groceries and sundries, Rollie and I make a campfire and play music outside. We have dinner together and chat until 11:00 p.m., so it is late by time I finish my evening routine and get to bed. Clifford is always up until the wee hours with his ham radios, so late doesn’t mean much to him.

Tuesday March 13: One thing I like most about this campground is the great little creek that runs through it. This morning, I hike along the creek and find a nice boulder to sit on for my quiet time.

Sitting by the creek running through the Molino Basin Campground


Being present for the sunrise

Back at camp, Rollie is ready for a walkabout, so we hike up to the group site and then hike down the Arizona Trail to our campsite.

View of the mesa from the Arizona Trail

When Rollie and I do music today, Clifford takes cell videos of us to send to Katie, since she might want us to play at her coffee shop in Wallace. I even play a piece on the viola, but it is too long to send. Oh well… at least I can play some tunes, even though I’ve only had the viola for a little over a month.

Lots of editing for Ang today and am nearly finished with The Keeper and the King. Then nachos for dinner and I just barely win a game of cribbage with Rollie before tackling the dishes.

Wednesday March 14: I am awakened at 5:30 by Rollie yelling at someone. Turns out some guy was shining a light on Rollie’s stuff – generator and bicycle and such – most likely with intent to help himself, but Rollie saw the light and went out and told the guy to get lost, but not in those words! Anyway, not a great start to the day.

First light on the mesa

Once it is light, I go sit by the creek awhile before getting ready for another day in Tucson.

Sitting by the creek for awhile

Clifford is picking up a radio that he ordered and we need to go to the laundromat. Once there, we try using the hotspot that was supposedly installed on his cell phone. However, it does not work, so we go back to Verizon and talk to someone else, and it turns out that his phone is not hotspot compatible. We have to go buy a different phone and then back to Verizon to have it activated. This is after going to SW Strings to try violas again, thinking of trading up to a better one, but I like mine better, so it was a waste of time going clear across town. It seems the whole day was spent running around, not very productive, but at least he has his new radio and we have clean clothes.

By time we get home, dinner is late. No journal, planner, or music today, and dishes are left for tomorrow.

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