Kootenai Creek Hike – September 2018

Monday September 24: The low last night was in the mid-30’s and the high today is only 59 degrees with a cumulus cloud cover. In looking at the map and the forecast for cooler weather in Montana with rain and possibly early snow, we decide that we will have to leave Bass Creek earlier than planned and begin the journey south. I am not so happy about this, as it means a change of plans as far as seeing family goes, but I do understand the wisdom of the decision.

In the afternoon, Clifford and I drive to one of the other main drainages in the Bitterroot Range, Kootenai Creek, just a few miles further south in the Bitterroot Valley. It is a lovely hike with lots of autumn color and the creek seems especially lively as it tumbles around boulders and over rocks that form the creek bed. We left camp a little late for getting sunlight on the foliage, but at least we are here and have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful scenic trail before we leave this area.

Kootenai Creek Trail
Kootenai Creek
Kootenai Creek
Kootenai Creek

5 thoughts on “Kootenai Creek Hike – September 2018”

  1. You certainly brought the beauty out on that creek with your photographs. Fall is such a lovely time of year and you two look fabulous!

    1. Thanks! If we had gone earlier in the day, there would have been more light on the foliage, but it was still a lovely hike. Not too hot, not too cold, and definitely very scenic.

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