Dragoon Waterfalls – Winter Journey – February 2018


Thursday February 15: Rain and wind all night here in the dispersed area outside Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains. A couple windows are now leaking, so we redo the tarp to cover both the vent and the windows. Looks like we have a project to take care of when the weather is warm and dry.

Rain all night and much of the day in the Dragoon Mountains

I walk down the road, rather enjoying the rain, and down to the wash at the base of the mountain to a cool little spot that I call the Gnome Home.

Walkabout in the morning
Walking in the wash at the base of the mountain
Trail up the mountain
Gnome Home or portal to another universe

Or perhaps it is a portal to another universe! Later in the afternoon, another walk on a trail through a narrow meadow-like area takes me to a natural enclave, a grotto of sorts.

“The Grotto”
Yucca and manzanita in the rain

These hidden places are quite a delight to me.

Clifford prefers to stay in the camper working on his ham radio projects.

Cell service is weak here, but we do get messages and calls in and out. The evening is the usual routine, using only lanterns as there is not much solar power happening these days.

Friday February 16: Low and high temperatures: 50/56 degrees… hardly any variation all day long. There is fog in the morning and rain off and on all day.

Foggy morning

This morning is different, however, as we hear a sound we’ve not heard before and looking to the mountainside, we see numerous waterfalls, some of considerable size, dropping hundreds of feet down the rock face. So many waterfalls in the desert is quite an exciting event to see!

Waterfalls on the rock face of the Dragoon Mountains at Cochise Stronghold

Some of the waterfalls are large and powerful

Walkabouts in the morning and afternoon provide ample opportunities for photos, especially the waterfalls and little rivulets everywhere.

Little rivulets appear everywhere

Even the trail up the mountain where I walked yesterday is a running stream.

Yesterday’s trail is today’s running stream

I am more limited in my usual activities, other than the walkabouts, as there will be little laptop usage today. I write a couple short blogs, read a Dr. Oz magazine, play the viola, and practice Morse code.

We use only lanterns to light the camper for dinner, as well as the other evening activities.

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