Back to Bass Creek – September 2018

The week of September 12 through September 18: We move from our great spot at Seeley Lake, returning to Bass Creek in the Bitterroot Valley of western Montana.

Cougar and Clifford back at Bass Creek
Living in a forest

We make a couple of trips to Missoula for errands and shopping, including picking up the new cell phone that I ordered. I am hoping that photos taken with the Moto Z2Play will make it easier to share photos via the net and cell service, since that is the primary way of sharing nowadays. I will be comparing photos taken with the cell and photos take with the little Canon. I see that many really outstanding photos are now being taken with cell phones, even by professional photographers. I have been reluctant to make a cell phone my primary means of taking photos, but it is certainly easier to carry a cell phone on a hike, which was a determining factor in putting my money toward a new cell phone (which I needed anyway) rather than a new camera.

Walkabout to try out the new cell phone camera
Hillside behind our campground
Morning light on wildfowers

Another highlight of the week is a “sleepover” with my daughter Ang, with steaks cooked over a big bonfire, and then spending the night in Terry, our old camper that we gave to Ang when we got Cougar in August. Morning coffee, time spent in the greenhouse, and working on editing issues fill the next day before I return to our campground at Bass Creek.

Sleepover with a bonfire

This particular week culminates in another sibling/spouses gathering, this time at brother Rollie’s campsite, also at Bass Creek, with everyone bringing food for a potluck and a big campfire. Rollie and I play a few bluegrass tunes, but mostly it is fun to be part of the conversation and laughter as we listen to tales and almost tall-tales of our growing up years. I sure do love this group of humans and am so glad we had time together again before we go our separate ways. Rollie will be leaving Montana in a couple of days; Clifford and I will be leaving before the end of the month.

4 thoughts on “Back to Bass Creek – September 2018”

  1. How long have you been living in your camper much of each year and how long do you think you will continue to do so??
    I love camping but…!

    1. Hi Shari,

      This is our 3rd year of living in the camper almost full-time. We have been south of Quartzsite, Arizona, since January 1 and it has been nice not moving every two weeks. We will soon be on our way, however, heading east and making our way back to Monticello, UT, (home base) through New Mexico. My family (kids and siblings) are in Montana, so we will be making the summer travels that direction. I totally get what you say, “I love camping but….” However, I am not crazy about our current home base, so might as well be on the road and camped in places where I can hike and take photos.

  2. Your phone pictures look great here! I always use my cell phone for quick posts on FB. But, we mostly use the real camera for our blog posts. The non phone camera is a hassle to carry around but it sure gives you a lot more lens options and creativity.

    1. There certainly is a toss-up between the quality of a camera and the convenience of the cell. When my cell phone died earlier this month, i went back to photos with the camera, but no good way quick way to share them with family and friends. Eventually they will show up in a blog, but that could be weeks from now at the rate I’m going. I have a replacement cell now, but I’m not happy with it, as I can’t access FB or messenger. Only text and gmail. We are camped at the SKP Saguaro RV park and will be running errands in Tucson tomorrow, including another trip to a Verizon store. I’m at the laundromat and have my laptop plugged in, so have some time to access FB here.

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