Winter Journey – Travel to Bryce Canyon – March 2017

Tuesday March 28th – We are up at 8:00 a.m., finish packing and are on our way by 12:30, leaving the Virgin River Canyon BLM Campground. Once again, the Suburban is reluctant to start. Hmmm…..

As we head north on I-15, we begin to see snow on the mountain peaks around us.

First signs of snow as we head north

I am excited to see it, but hoping the road over/through the mountain is clear! North of Cedar City, we turn east on state highway 20, and as we wind our way east through the mountain, the snow creeps down the slopes and right up to the highway.

Snow creeps down to the highway
Snow surrounds us

As we descend, reaching highway 89, we head south and out of the snow. Highway 12 takes us east through the Red Rock Canyon, aptly named, and onto Bryce Canyon National Park.

Red Rock Canyon
Tunnel at Red Rock Canyon
Approaching Bryce Canyon

We drive around the campground and find a spot that is suitable for our needs. It is not on an outside loop, which I always prefer, but we have a big front yard and a wonderful tall ponderosa pine right at the door.

Campsite at Bryce Canyon
Big front yard and tall ponderosa

We get set up and then head over to the Visitors’ Center – lots of maps, as well as the usual gift shop items. Then we drive out to the two nearest points: Sunrise Point and Sunset Point, both of which are quite spectacular.

Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point
Close-up at Sunrise Point
Amphithreatre at Sunset Point
Columns at Sunset Point

The wind is fierce and chilly, however, so back at camp, we are especially grateful for our cozy home where we can be comfortable out of the wind.

Later, I work on the next blog until the laptop runs out of battery. Clifford is studying one of his many scientific books, always learning something in preparation for new testing.

We are glad be here at Bryce Canyon, and tomorrow will be a day of exploring; tonight is dinner, cleanup, and off to bed.

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    1. Thanks, Rita. My next blog will have photos taken on the snowy days and some of them are really my favorites. It is definitely a place you would like to go. Room for big rigs in the campground. Really nice Visitors’ Center. Nice eating and gift shopping at nearby Bryce Canyon City, and of course, the beautiful canyon! The Rim Trail is easy hiking and there are also hikes down into the canyon itself, as well as a scenic drive the length of the canyon for more views.

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