Winter Journey – Bryce Canyon– March 2017 (29-30)

Wednesday March 29th – a bit cooler this morning (24 degrees) being here at Bryce Canyon, further north and high higher elevation that we have been. I hike to the Rim Trail from the campground and am delighted to see the rock formations.

Rim Trail junction with North Campground

While it is tempting to hike the trail toward Sunrise Point, I resist and head back to camp, as we plan to go to Bryce Canyon City, about three miles away, to do laundry this morning. However, the Suburban won’t start! So, we scratch the laundromat plan and get on with other activities, waiting for the day to warm up.

In the afternoon, the Suburban starts and we drive to the auto repair shop in Bryce Canyon City. It is very fortunate that a small town like this has an auto repair shop and they also have a fuel filter in stock, which the mechanic thinks is the problem. So we walk across the highway way to Ruby’s Inn, which has everything from food, to camping supplies, to a rather well-stocked gift store. We get snacks and sit in the outdoor seating area to wait for the Suburban to be fixed.

After we pick the Suburban up, we decide to head on to see other view points, going to Paria, Bryce, and Inspiration Points. Each one is quite awesome.

First stop – Paria Point (I think – we were confused about where we were before we got there, let along after I review photos days later!)
Moving along the rim to take photos, I’m not always sure where I am, but I think this is closest to Bryce Point
Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point

Back at camp, I do some editing and post a blog. Turned out to be a good fun day.

Thursday March 30th – This morning I get up a little earlier and make it up to the Rim Trail right at sunrise and then hike the trail to Sunrise Point, about a half-mile further on.

Sunrise moment at the junction of the trail at North Campground
View of the canyon walking the Rim Trail toward Sunrise Point
View of the canyon at Sunrise Point
Close-up taken at Sunrise Point
Formation seen from the Rim Trail hiking back to North Campground
Formation seen from the Rim Trail hiking back to North Campground

After breakfast we head to Bryce Canyon City, taking care of the laundry and browsing the Ruby Inn gift shop as the clothes wash and dry. Back at camp, I post another blog (someday I will get caught up!) and do more editing. Becka sends a text with the news of a huge fire under I-80 in Atlanta that has caused a portion of it to collapse. In talking to her later on the phone, that section of the interstate is one that she might have traveled to get home if she had not decided to meet a colleague after school for an adult beverage. Glad she is home safe and sound!

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