Way Up on Abajo Mountain – May 2018


Sunday May 27: It is a beautiful spring morning, so we decide to go up Abajo Mountain for an outing. I make a picnic lunch and thermoses of tea, and off we go. For the first time, since we also like to explore, we turn left on the Lloyd’s Lake Road just outside Monticello and head up Abajo a different direction from where we’ve been before.

Abajo Mountain ahead

It’s a beautiful day for an outing with the blue sky and the variety of trees, aspens being one of my favorites.

Great blue sky
Aspens line the road at times

I have an ulterior motive: the neighbor has told me where I can gather rocks needed for the landscaping I’m doing in the back yard.

We go quite a ways up the mountain, not having yet seen the rock slide, and turn on a side road named Electronic Road. There is a tower of some sort here, and although it is not a great place to gather rocks or have a picnic, since we are here, I start picking up a few rocks. In less than ten minutes a 4-wheeler turns on the same road and it turns out it is a park ranger, probably wondering why we are so close to the tower. I tell him we are exploring and looking for a place to have a picnic and he recommends we go on up the road to the top where the main set of towers are – a great view, he says.

So we do that, but the further up we go, the more we wish we hadn’t. The road isn’t bad, but it is very narrow and no place to go if we meet someone coming down. Right before the last ascent to the towers themselves, there is a wide turnaround spot and we take advantage of that. The views are quite expansive.

Expansive views from way up on Abajo Mountain. Monticello and Lloyd’s Lake can be seen left center
Looking the other direction from the turnaround

On the way back down, we are ever so grateful not to meet anyone, other than motorcyclists who squeeze by us. We stop at the rock slide we passed on the way up and gather rocks.

One of several rock slides

A ways further down, we turn off onto a side road to a camp spot we had also passed on the way up. We set up a little table and have our picnic, relaxing as we enjoy our late lunch.

View of where we have been, as seen from the picnic pullout

It was a good outing, but we are not likely to take the road beyond the rock slide next time. That was far enough for us!

Landscaping moves forward with rocks from the mountain


3 thoughts on “Way Up on Abajo Mountain – May 2018”

  1. Hi Carol,
    Regarding your “Great blue sky” photo: it’s beautiful, yet Heart-breaking at the same time; I haven’t seen the sky that blue in Ohio in twenty years! My Morgellons chronic fatigue continues to worsen; I now am in bed sleeping, on average, 14-16 hours/day and my muscles are continuing to waste away! It’s just crazy! …Per Clifford’s research findings regarding mitigating the growrh/progression of the CDB, in the last six months I’ve started taking NAC, glutathione, vitamin C, and selenium. I haven’t yet noticed any difference in my chronic fatigue or the muscle wasting; maybe it will take more time or maybe I need to up the dosages. …for Humanity, this “Eugenic Period”, that we’re neck-deep in now, is arguably the Darkest Time in all of human history.
    God Help Us All,


  2. Hello Daryl,

    I so appreciate your comments! We have been fortunate to see many days of great blue sky these past months. Spraying is going on, also, but some days really look good. I am always delighted and make note of it in my journals. I think being in the west and more rural areas is one reason why we see some good skies. I am so sorry to hear of the sad progression of your condition. I wish there was something more definitive that we could offer. The research continues and Clifford has made strides in isolating the organism, but until someone with vision and money steps forward to move this research to a clinical trial arena, Clifford can only gather more data and share from the research. Wishing you the very best and peace in your heart. Carol

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for your caring response; I truly appreciate it. And tell Clifford I appreciate all he has done in exposing the “biological” details of the From The Sky Assault. (I get SO frustrated at most all the other chem/aerosol trails researchers because they NEVER seem to mention the BIOLOGICAL PATHOGENS that are sprayed!; I don’t get why this is so-??)
      You both be safe in your travels this winter. …And when you get deep azure blue skies overhead, I hope they can, somehow-magically, bring good feelings to you of younger, more youthful time.

      Peace to you too,

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