Spring Journey – Snow at Divide Bridge – May 2017 (17)

Wednesday May 17th – During the night, the rain turned to snow and we are blessed with with a couple inches of the fresh white stuff. I go out to take photos right away, quite enchanted with the beautiful stillness.

New fallen snow at Divide Bridge Campground in mid-May

Home Sweet Home at Divide Bridge Campground in mid-May

After tea, journal, and  breakfast, I go out again.

The Bighole River as seen from our campsite
Snow at Divide Bridge Campground
While the snow still clings to the branches, the effect makes one think of delicate lace.
The Bighole River is rising a bit more
Snow emphasizes the textures of the trees

My laptop is dead and journal is current, so I read some photography and Aarp magazines that I haven’t yet gotten to on this journey. The snow turns to sleet, and I go for another walkabout, enjoying the crisp freshness of the day while snow remains on the trees.

More of the lacy look…….
Looking toward the mountain
Looking toward the river
Sage that I was going to harvest is covered in snow
Aspen, or maybe they are alders, still hold snow, but soon it will be gone

The new neighbor is there celebrating his birthday and has a campfire going, in spite of the light drizzle that continues into the evening. Since the host is there, I go join them at the campfire, rather than try making one of my own. It is nice to have someone to chat with for a bit while Clifford continues with his research and studies.

A snowman built by the maintenance man – too snowy to mow the grass, he said

After dinner, with no solar power to charge any of our devices, Clifford and I both go to bed somewhat earlier than usual – kind of nice, for a change.