Another Road Trip With Becka – August 2019

The next road trip with my daughter Becka is a whirlwind. She picks me up one afternoon in mid-August, while Clifford stays at Sloway Campground, once again, to hold down the fort. Becka and I head to Alberton to first visit her sister (my daughter) Merri for a bit and then out to visit her sister (my daughter) Ang. It is early evening by time we arrive, but we head on to the Lumberjack Saloon on the other side of the mountain for dinner.

Clark Fork River Valley

At the Lumberjack, we sit out at a bonfire for our steak sandwich dinner and on-tap Montana beer. By time we are done eating, the Lumberjack is closing for the night, so we head on back to Ang’s for another campfire. Although it is way past my bedtime, it sure was a fun evening.

The next morning, Ang makes coffee for us and we have a bit of breakfast before Becka and I head to Sun River, a much longer drive over a much bigger mountain, to see her brother (my son) Matt. On the way, Becka stops so we can take photos of the Blackfoot River and the Birdtail Hills, important photos opps for me!

Blackfoot River
Blackfoot River
Montana prairie country
Birdtail Rock (toward the left)
Birdtail Rock (toward the left)

When we arrive in Sun River, we pick Matt up and head to Great Falls, where Becka buys roses and a Happy Birthday balloon for Aurora, Matt’s daughter, who just had her 21st birthday.

The birthday girl

After a very tasty lunch at a wings place, we go back to Sun River so Matt can pick up fishing gear. Then we head up to the Fairfield Bench where Matt knows all the secret fishing holes.

Secret fishing holes

After about the fourth stop at little creeks and irrigation ditches that meander across the bench, Becka scores and catches a whopper. Matt, luckily, had brought the big fish net and helps her land her fish. This really is the icing on the cake for making this long trip to hang out with her brother.

Square Butte view as we leave the Fairfield bench

Back at Matt’s place, the fish is prepared and fried up Matt-style for a delicious dinner. We sit around a campfire with Matt, his kids and their mom, happy to share this time and space.

Then Becka and I make the trip back to Ang’s place, which seem extra long traveling in the dark. We arrive about midnight and go to bed as soon as we can. It sure was a jam-packed day!

Spring Journey – Divide to Alberton – May 2017 (20-21)

Sunrise on our last day at Divide Bridge Campground

Saturday May 20th – I feel better than I did yesterday, but still kind of low energy. However, I go off for a walk to gather mountain sage to hang on our clothesline with the intention of making sage bundles for smudging.

Really cool big rocks here, along with the mountain sage

Then we get the back of the Suburban cleaned out and repacked in preparation for our leaving tomorrow.

After dinner and cleanup, I do some editing while Clifford studies.

Sunday May 21st – It is so pretty here this morning, I am sorry that we are leaving. This has been a great place and we wouldn’t mind staying longer if we could, but we have obligations in Idaho.

Our destination today is Alberton, about 30 miles west of Missoula, 80 miles from home.

Nice to see blue sky and great puffy clouds

On the road again- southwestern Montana

Snow-covered hills in May – more moisture for the earth

Bearmouth Rest Area stop before Missoula

We stop in Missoula on our way through for a Barnes & Nobles fix and supplies at Costco. Then on to Alberton and set up in the lot adjacent to the park.

We have a picnic dinner in the park on the back deck of the historic train museum with my daughter Merri and her little grandson, my great grand-son, Jack, who is a very intense, almost-two-year-old.


This is a lovely spot with a huge expanse of lawn and trees in bloom.

Trees in bloom in the Alberton town park

Last moment of light

After our picnic, we walk up to Merri’s place to visit awhile, then back to Terry (our camper) for the night.