Spring Journey – Divide to Alberton – May 2017 (20-21)

Sunrise on our last day at Divide Bridge Campground

Saturday May 20th – I feel better than I did yesterday, but still kind of low energy. However, I go off for a walk to gather mountain sage to hang on our clothesline with the intention of making sage bundles for smudging.

Really cool big rocks here, along with the mountain sage

Then we get the back of the Suburban cleaned out and repacked in preparation for our leaving tomorrow.

After dinner and cleanup, I do some editing while Clifford studies.

Sunday May 21st – It is so pretty here this morning, I am sorry that we are leaving. This has been a great place and we wouldn’t mind staying longer if we could, but we have obligations in Idaho.

Our destination today is Alberton, about 30 miles west of Missoula, 80 miles from home.

Nice to see blue sky and great puffy clouds
On the road again- southwestern Montana
Snow-covered hills in May – more moisture for the earth
Bearmouth Rest Area stop before Missoula

We stop in Missoula on our way through for a Barnes & Nobles fix and supplies at Costco. Then on to Alberton and set up in the lot adjacent to the park.

We have a picnic dinner in the park on the back deck of the historic train museum with my daughter Merri and her little grandson, my great grand-son, Jack, who is a very intense, almost-two-year-old.


This is a lovely spot with a huge expanse of lawn and trees in bloom.

Trees in bloom in the Alberton town park

Last moment of light

After our picnic, we walk up to Merri’s place to visit awhile, then back to Terry (our camper) for the night.

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