Spring Journey – Colorado River at Drinks Canyon – May 2017 (1&2)


Monday May 1st – We go to Moab this morning, run a few errands, and then take the Suburban to the Chevy dealership. We wait around there until more diagnosis is done; it is decided that the fuel pump that was installed at Bryce Canyon City is faulty and needs to be replaced. Then they give us a ride back to camp.

In the afternoon, I play cello outside until our friend, David, and his daughter come out to see us. Nice to have visitors.

Aubrey at the river
Aubrey at the river

 Later, I head back down to the river – every day the light and quality of the sky is different, and today the sky is especially dazzling.  I never tire of taking photos of the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us.

Colorado River Canyon with blue sky in the background
Colorado River Canyon with blue sky in the background
Colorado River Canyon in shadow

Tuesday May 2nd– this morning I make a small campfire and sit outside to write in my journal and read poems from the collection “Thirst” by Mary Oliver. Her connection to nature is so like my own. A light rain puts an end to the writing, so I go on down to the river, thinking of my mom who is no longer here and my kids who seem so far away. The sky is grey, not a good time for river photos.

Back at camp, as the sun comes out, I write some more and play cello on the protected side of Terry, out of the breeze. Then down to the river again for photos with the now-blue sky in the background.

The grey sky of morning as given way to blue sky this afternoon
Rather odd flat “clouds” rise above the mesas
I like the shape of the tree against the sky

Clifford received a message from NAPA saying that they will not honor the warranty on the fuel pump purchased from them in Bryce Canyon City. Oh, I am getting tired of the ongoing hassle with our vehicle, but at least it runs good once it starts…….

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