Rainy Days at Seeley Lake – September 2019

September 8 & 9: Drizzle to rain and back to drizzle has everything wet here at the Seeley Lake Campground in the Seeley/Swan Valley of western Montana.

Rainy morning walk
Rainy morning walk
Trail along the lake on a rainy day

Now and then the sun breaks through, and Clifford and I take advantage of these moments to play our instruments outside and to repair the leak in the gutter that is allowing water to drip under the awning.

Campsite at Seeley Lake Campground
The meadow as the sun breaks through for awhile
Viola comes out to play when the sun shines

I enjoy walks down to the lake and out into the meadow, and when it is raining too hard to be outside, I write blogs and finish editing a book for my daughter Ang, glad for the a dry warm space to carry on with projects. Clifford mostly works with his ham radio.

It doesn’t sound like much, but we are both quite busy all day.

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