Canada – the Rosebery Trip – September 2014 – Part 5

Tuesday September 9: Happy Birthday thoughts to my daughter, Ang.

I start the day by taking the scenic route along Wilson Creek to the rest room,

Wilson Creek 2

followed by a campground walkabout noting which other sites might be good if we can’t get this one again. Back at camp, I make a campfire and read “Course in Miracles” comparing lesson 7 (I see only the past in this pencil, hand,…) to my current experience of the campfire – its warmth, color, motion, and crackling sound being very much present moment.

BC-2_G12 002Most days I play my flute while looking down on Wilson Creek, but today I play my flute for the forest. Who knows what forest spirits are lurking about and pleased that I honor them with my music. BC-1_G12 185Spend more time along Wilson Creek taking photos, loving its pristine clarity and gorgeous color. BC-2_G1x 009Later, by an afternoon campfire, I work on a blog and edit some photos until the battery on the laptop is almost dead. Then another good dinner to finish off the day as we listen to an interesting program on Canadian radio.

A present-moment kind of day.

Wednesday September 10:

I build a campfire, make a cup of coffee, and sit out to read the next section and lesson of “Course in Miracles,” but let the fire die out soon, as we are headed out this morning to New Denver. The sandwich shop is closed today, unfortunately for our plans – no internet for us.

BC-3_G1x 023We do a bit of exploring and by time we get back to camp, the afternoon has slid past. I build another campfire and sit out to continue writing and editing, having charged the laptop as we drove about.

A bit of a toothache tonight, but can’t find the mouth tonic. You’d think in such a small home (Pony set up is 7’x 16’) that nothing could get lost. But the opposite is true, actually. With such a small living space, things get tucked away and then are hard to find again. Use coconut oil instead and then off to bed. Tomorrow I can reorganize our space.

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