Bass Creek – October 2014 – Part 4

Wednesday October 15: This is a day of changing weather.

Bass Creek 1_G12 200
Overcast, then the clouds begin to part

Cloudy when I get up to make my campfire and a cup of coffee.  Read “A New Earth” resonating with the words, the meanings, going beyond ego to BEING.  Well, I might not be getting there, yet, but it makes sense, anyway.  Write in my journal and have breakfast by the campfire, enjoying the warmth.

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 092

Then the sky clears up enough that I get out the cello, glad to have enough sun to sit and play a bit.  But by time I get the cello out and set up, and play through one piece, it clouds up and starts to rain.  I scramble around getting the cello and music put away as quickly as I can.  The little storm passes, the sun come outs, so I get the cello out again. Then the rain comes again and as I am putting the cello away, a big gust of wind knocks over the stand and music is blowing everywhere.  I could have used some help, but Clifford is not is sight.  This time the rain continues through the remainder of the afternoon.

Sometime during the afternoon the rain lets up enough to let the wonderful warm late afternoon light come through and a lovely rainbow appears arching over the trees at the end of the meadow.  Sweet.

Bass Creek 1_G12 154
Cloud moving on, sunlight coming in

Bass Creek 1_G12 150
Rainbow arch at the end of the meadow

Bass Creek 1_G12 147
Dark clouds in the background, warm sunlight in the foreground

My homemade chicken soup has thawed out, so I simmer it an hour to be on the safe side.  How much nutrition is left in a soup cooked that long, I don’t know, but I am not taking any chances.

Our battery is not charging, so light and power are an issue tonight.  Too bad, as I can see to write blogs with the laptop, but once its little battery is dead, I am out of luck.

Thursday October 16:  I light the stove to start warming up the Pony and get the tea water going.  There is a pretty sunrise this morning.

Bass Creek 1_G12 159
Sunrise color

Take photos of the droplets on branches on my way to the restroom, nearly a block away.  It has been good for me to do a morning walk, albeit out of necessity, and this morning it is especially pretty out after yesterday’s rain.

Bass Creek 1_G12 196

Bass Creek 1_G12 173

Bass Creek 1_G12 178
Delicate seed pods

After breakfast we go to Stevensville for ice and groceries, then explore the Chief Looking Glass State Park.  It was too expensive for us, and I am really glad we didn’t go there, as it is much prettier where we are at Bass Creek.

Bass Creek 1_G12 129
Mountains of the Bitterroot Range

Later Merri and Ali come to visit.  Merri and Clifford have a plant identification project going on, which is fun for Merri, as she loves plants and knows a LOT about plants and trees.

Bass Creek 1_G12 142
Looking at the trees

Ali is kind of bored and just pokes around at the fire.  Maybe walking around looking at trees and moss and berries are not her thing.  We all have a cup of tea before they go.  I am glad they got to come out, even though Merri and I didn’t really get much time to visit.  Just nice to have her here for awhile.

Bass Creek 1_G12 133
Decorating the pumpkin with gifts from the forest

We do the CI meeting from my cell phone.  I’m not feeling great, but can’t distract myself with photo editing, as my laptop is dead, and it would be rude to distract myself with reading or writing.  Finally I just crawl up on the bed and don’t even pretend to be actively involved.  Wonder if it was eating a whole raw potato that caused my indigestion.

Yogurt and mint tea for my dinner and by bedtime, I feel better and sleep okay.

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