Bass Creek Camping – October 2014 – Part 7

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 006
Misty drizzly morning

Tuesday October 21: We were going to put the big tarp over the Pony yesterday since there is a forecast of rain, but we were too tired and cold when we got back from hiking and figured we could do it this morning.  Then it started raining in the night, so it is too late to put up the tarp.  Too wet for a fire this morning – I could build a fire, but can’t read and edit in the rain, so it is an inside morning.

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 007
Rainy day at Charlie Waters Campground

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 016
Mossy tree trunks, all in a row

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 027
The rain emphasizes the moss on the tree trunks

Later, when the rain lets up a bit, I decide to go for a walk across the meadow,

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 029
Our campsite as seen from across the meadow

and once there, emboldened by my successful hiking yesterday, I hike on up the hillside to the grove of young aspen that I have admired from a distance.

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 031
Hiking to the aspen grove

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 045
Nearing the aspen grove

It is pretty here, even if there is no sunlight to bring a glow to the leaves.  I walk amongst the trees, admiring their autumn colors and smooth cool bark. I could be an aspen tree.

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 038
Walking with the aspens

By time I get back to camp, my shoes, socks, feet, and sweats are wet; I change clothes and wear slippers the rest of the day as I only have the one pair of shoes with me.   Another oversight in planning and packing – of course I know better, but sometimes things fall through the proverbial crack.  I haven’t gotten all my ducks lined up properly this fall.

Bass Creek - 3_ G1x 018
Rainy view from the Pony

I finish editing “Against All Odds” and then edit photos from our British Columbia trip until the battery on the laptop runs out.  That is the drawback to camping without enough sunshine to inspire the solar panel to create electricity for us.  Time now to write in the journal – real paper, real pen – no electricity required. Chilly outside all day, but the Pony is cozy, so we don’t mind.

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