Winter Journey – Canyonland NP – October 2016

Autumn colors in Price, Utah

Monday, October 17th, the mild morning temperature turns cooler as the wind shifts from SW to NW.

The wind shifts, cooler with rain clouds

Leaving Price, the wind does not hamper us, but once we reach I-70, it is problematic.

Leaving Price, Utah

After getting gas at Green River, Utah, we decide to take a frontage road that parallels the highway, since we are having a hard time maintaining interstate speed. Turns out this road is not maintained and it is a very rough ride until we rejoin I-70. At one point we have to stop because the hitch support post slips and hits the ground.

Stop for damage report

Near the junction with Hwy 191, which will take us south to Moab, we pull into rest stop located on the top of a barren windswept mesa.

Barren and windswept landscape

In spite of the wind, we have a picnic, partially protected by one of the shelters, before we get set up for the night. Quite a switch from last night’s lovely spot.

Tuesday, October 18th, we leave the rest area shortly after 8:00 a.m., as we were advised to be at the Willow Flat Campground in Canyonland National Park by 9:00 a.m.

Heading to Canyonland National Park

It is a small and popular campground that is filled daily by 10:00 a.m. We arrive shortly after 9:00 and are pleased that the first site, a pull-through with a view, is available. The temperature is mild enough that Clifford sits in the sun to study and I am able to play cello outside after we get set up.

Perfect site for us

In the afternoon I walk down to the Green River Overlook, a view of the Green River as it cuts its deep meandering channel across the desert.

Green River Overlook

and later Clifford and I walk down in time for photos at sunset.

Green River at sunset

Last rays of the setting sun

Sunset at the Green River Overlook

We are very pleased to be here.


Wednesday, October 19th, I make a small campfire this morning, as I especially appreciate the quiet time outdoors before the busy-ness of the day.  Today we make a sight-seeing trip to the Shafer Trail Overlook,

Schafer Trail Overlook

the Grand View Point Overlook,

Grand View Point Overlook

the Orange Cliff view point,

Orange Cliff view point

and then stop for a picnic at the same place we had a picnic last time we were here, over three years ago.

Canyonland picnic area

In the evening, I walk down to the Green River Overview.

Mesa to the east of Willow Flat Campground near sundown

In the neighborhood

Sunset light at Green River Overlook

Clifford has a sore throat this evening, which is not good. We use remedies that we have with us and hope that he feels better tomorrow.

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