Trout Creek in August – Part 3

Trout Creek in August – Part 3

Friday August 15th: Dark and overcast in the morning. We make a trip to Superior to get on the internet so Clifford can continue his research. Back at camp, I pick June berries to make a topping for yogurt. Most of the berries are drying on the branches and I will pick some later to add to trail mix. Even dry they are tasty little gems.

Later in the afternoon the dark clouds finally drop their burden of moisture; I set up my table and chair under the awning to watch the rain as I continue to write in my journal.

Trout Creek space 9 043 Later I join Clifford inside and begin editing photos until the battery on the netbook runs low.

An enjoyable day here at Trout Creek until a mishap with the hammock put a damper on things. Clifford invited me to sit with him, but the ropes gave way, leaving us both with tender tailbones. I am hoping that a good night’s sleep will repair the damage. In spite of the soreness, a good dinner followed by yogurt with June berry topping is a treat at the end of the day.

Saturday August 16th: As soon as I am up, I get ready to head to Alberton to join my daughter Ang in watching the play “Briar Rose” as performed by members of this little community. We join a friend (who had done a very convincing rendition of the wicked witch in the play) for lunch before Ang and I head down to the “natural pier” as I am eager to take photos there. There is a great rock formation in the middle of the Clark Fork River that is quite scenic and deserving of the attention of a TVK (Traveling View Keeper). We walk out onto the bridge, admiring the river and the rock.

Trout Creek - 9 - 2 001 Trout Creek - 9 - 2 002Trout Creek - 9 - 2 008Trout Creek - 9 - 2 012We linger awhile, then head to her place on Ed’s Creek about 7 miles out of Alberton, as I want to give my grandson Oden a cello lesson. After the lesson, which goes very well,  Ang and I visit awhile over a cup of coffee before I head back to Trout Creek. It was a fun day, pleasantly coming to a close as I sit at my vantage point at the top of the path looking down to the creek before darkness tells me to go inside.

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