Cacti Forest to Tombstone – February into March 2019

Wednesday February 27: What a switch from Atlanta back to Cacti Forest, from millions of people to a mere handful within walking distance of our campsite at Cacti Forest, where Clifford has been camped this past week while I was in Atlanta visiting my daughter Becka. It is good to be back “home,” but I do miss the fun and comradery I had with Becka.

Back to Cacti Forest
Artistic rendition of Cacti Forest

We make a trip out to get a few supplies and when we get back to camp, we begin packing up, as we will be leaving tomorrow. In the evening we sit out and watch the sunset. This has been a good place for us and maybe one day we will return.

Watching the sunset at Cacti Forest

Thursday February 28: We finish packing and leave Cacti Forest, heading to Benson, east of Tucson, where we will stay at SKP Saguaro RV Park. Dry camping is limited to three days, but only $5 a night. We are lucky to get a campsite at the back of the lot with the desert behind us and a small cacti garden beside us. While Clifford naps, I walk through the grounds of this place, mostly comprised of streets of tiny homes and RV’s, with beautiful desert landscaping. Very civilized.

SKP Saguaro RV Park
Carol, Clifford, and Cougar at SKP Saguaro RV Park.
Metal javelinas look almost real in the small cacti garden

In the evening we go to the laundromat, which is in the centrally located Community Center. It is necessary to get the laundry caught up before our next destination, and I also make good use of free wifi while I am there.

Sunset color on Dragoon Mountains

Friday March 1: Today is our Tucson day – taking care of errands in the big city. I am still trying to figure out the FB issue, as, at this point, I no longer have access to my FB account, my Quiet Walk Photography page, or any of the groups that I was admin for, on either the phone or laptop. It appears that the problem is not related to the phone per se, even though that is where the problem started. Nothing is resolved at the Verizon store. Other errands include Bookman’s, Trader Joe’s, and Southwest Strings. Then back to our campsite at the RV park in time for the Mardi Gras parade, a big community affair with much honking of horns, and candy and colorful strands of beads flung about.

Bookman’s in Tucson

Texts with my siblings include plans for a July sledding party, since they still have lots of snow and more on the way. They figure there will be enough left in July to go sledding. Haha.

Saturday March 2: Today is Tombstone Day, as it is much easier to get there from Benson than from Cochise Stronghold, which is what we have done in the past. This time we go to Boothill Cemetery, which reveals a way of life with many violent deaths.

Then on to the old town, parking in our usual spot. We browse our favorite clothing store awhile before I buy a skirt and Clifford buys a top for me.

We have lunch at the Longhorn Saloon, a great burger and sweet potato fries.

Lunch at the Longhorn Restaurant; stage coaches wait for passengers

At the honey store we learn more about the history of the area from the old-timer there, and a lot about killer bees. Killer bees are aggressive, but they are also resistant to the toxins and disease that are killing regular honey bees… and they produce honey. I buy a pint of killer bee honey. We walk to the courthouse, but decided to skip going in this time and go instead to the Rose Museum. This museum boasts the largest rose plant in the world. The trunk is huge and gnarly, the branches supported on a trellis covering 8,000 square feet. It is not in bloom now, of course, but a post card shows off this incredible rose bush when it is covered in blossoms.

The huge gnarly trunk of the largest rosebush in the world at the Rose Museum

Clifford is engaged in an extended conversation with the owner, whose grandfather was a settler here. The museum owner has written numerous books about the area, so is a source of information – the “inside scoop,” so to speak.

Rose Museum rooms

Then a trolley ride around town, always learning something new, but I prefer the horse and stagecoach version. We finish out Tombstone Day with homemade ice cream and then head back to the RV park. I make notes of highlights of the day and will write in the journal later. It was a fun day, but long, and soon time to head to bed.

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