Wallace & Back – September 2018

September 7 through 9 is a jam-packed three days of family gathering at the historic Jamison Hotel in historic Wallace, Idaho. Although the kitchen is too old-fashioned to be easy to use, the space in general is spacious and gracious, the bar quite spectacular, the bedrooms quaintly charming, and the basement reputed to be haunted.

The impressive Jamison Hotel bar
The impressive Jamison Hotel bar

I tend to like things harmonious and organized, so the hubbub is a bit unsettling for me, but it certainly is interesting and lively.

A grandson and his dad, my son
A MacDonald Family squinting in the sun for the photographer

The Wallace Gathering was quite amazing and I know I will miss seeing who is up and having coffee at the Wallace Coffee House when I get there, who wants to go to breakfast somewhere, who wants to run to the store or go shop browsing, and who is just hanging out sharing stories. Awesome group!

The setting of the sun

On my way back to Seeley Lake, I stop to take photos of a beautiful sunset and reach camp after dark, happy to be back in my own space with Clifford and Cougar

The light and the color remains
Lingering light as I approach the lake

3 thoughts on “Wallace & Back – September 2018”

  1. I don’t know if you had much time to explore Wallace, but there are quite a few old and interesting buildings there, the Jamison Hotel being one of the best. Great family – so many lively and creative people! A bit of crazy-making having so many of them together at one time!!! But I missed them after we all went back our separate days.

    1. We didn’t get a chance to explore Wallace at all because we were in a big hurry to get back home. But, as we drove back out of town, we did say to each other that this looks like it would be a cool town to explore. It looked like it had a lot of good history.

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