Bound for Atlanta – February 2019

Tuesday February 19: It is 32 degrees out this morning at our camping spot in Cacti Forest northwest of Tucson. It is hazy on the eastern horizon with big thunderhead clouds over Mount Lemmon in the distance as we get ready to leave for the Tucson airport. I am excited to see my daughter, Becka, who is on break from her teaching position in Atlanta. Not being comfortable with flying, these big clouds make me uneasy, but I remind myself about making new agreements per The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, which I have been reading. My new agreement with myself is that I like flying because it is a safe and convenient way to travel long distances. Tucson to Atlanta qualifies as a long distance.

At the Tucson airport, the gps almost takes us a wrong direction, but we self-correct, arriving where we should be. All I have with me is the backpack and a personal bag, so check-in is easy. After a good-bye hug from Clifford, he watches until I am well into the security line. After finding my gate, I have a long wait since I arrived early and I am in the last zone to load. I have a nice seat companion and we chat during the mostly smooth flight.

Flight from Tucson to Atlanta

At the Atlanta airport, I disembark and expect to see Becka, not realizing she is waiting at baggage claim. After waiting around awhile, I finally ask an attendant, whose English I can scarcely understand, and he points me in the right direction. By time I get to baggage claim, having also discovered that one does not walk but takes a train, she has been waiting an hour for me! Yikes! This would have been so much easier if I had had a cell phone!

She has a rain jacket for me, as it is raining in Atlanta. Back at her house in the suburbs, it is fun to see her house fixed up so attractive and comfy. She has a mom-goody-bag for me with lots of great stuff. The guest bedroom is fixed up with flowers, new pj’s, slippers, and a comfortable bed.

We have nachos and chat until late. It is so good to see her and I already feel spoiled! I meet her roommate Jason when he gets off work. He seems like a very nice fellow.

Wednesday February 20: Becka leaves early for jury duty tryouts. When I get up, I poke around the kitchen, finding what I need to make yerba matte tea. Using the laptop, I take care of some emails, including a message to Clifford. When Becka gets back, she makes us fancy lattes before we head off for errands and fun. The first errand is Verizon to get my new cell (which had been sent to her address) up and running. There seems to be some problems. The app for editing photos isn’t working and I am not able to access my FB account, as FB is now linked to an old phone number that has not existed for almost two years. Apparently I just need to update information using my laptop. At least I can send texts and take photos, which is the most important.

We then walk from Ponce Market to Piedmont Park on the Greenbelt. It has stopped raining and the colors are fresh and clear.

Ponce Market

After the walk, we meet Becka’s very nice friend, Ali, at a somewhat funky pizza place for a tasty pizza and lively conversation. This is followed by a drive to a fancy dessert joint in downtown Atlanta where we have cheesecake and tea. I am amazed that anyone can drive in this kind of traffic, but Becka seems quite used to it.

Going for dessert in downtown Atlanta

Back at Becka’s place, I make a few notes for the journal and send Clifford a message. Both Becka and I are soon ready to head to bed after our busy and fun day.

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